The ultimate corporate
bike challenge

Rosanna Crisp

Rosanna has been supporting Chain Reaction Challenge Riders since the early days and has always been humbled by the enormous generosity and commitment of everyone involved with this truly life changing foundation.

Rosanna has taken up the challenge this year to become a CRW300 rider and raise funds in support of Hummingbird House and Youth Advocacy Centre. Rosanna is excited to join with 50 committed riders and through her passion for cycling is looking forward to contributing and raising ‘life changing’ funds for kids in need.

Rosanna is extremely thankful for your generosity in supporting Chain Reaction and the charity partners - Hummingbird House and Youth Advocacy Centre. All that you give and everything you do makes a real difference to these children and their families.

Rosanna is the Brisbane Office Manager for Gowdie Management Group, a Corporate Partner of Chain Reaction Challenge Foundation. #supportingkidsinneed #crw300 #charitycycling #hummingbirdhouse


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  • Rosanna Crisp #supportingkidsinneed #crw300 #hummingbirdhouse #yacqld $500
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