The ultimate corporate
bike challenge

Julie Gibson

I am part- owner and manager of Lifestyle Gym Redbank Plains. Winner of an Asian Pacific Masters triathlon event some years ago, I have always loved swimming, cycling and running but these days seldom do all forms of these sports in one event. I recently ran in the Gold Coast half marathon and now I’m keen to do my first 300 km on a bike.

I have seen and read about Chain Reaction’s great achievements for seriously ill children and other children who need the support of well- run charities, so I am putting my efforts into training and fundraising for the first women’s event in Queensland.

As a Queenslander, mother of four healthy adult kids and a recent grandparent, I thought I’d cast aside any apprehensions of whether I can do this event and raise money by riding the beautiful but challenging course from Byron to Brisbane.

I hope you will support our efforts