The ultimate corporate
bike challenge

Elise Nancarrow

"Elise is getting back on her bike to take on her first Chain Reaction event and to help make a difference to families and children in need.

A specialist in organisational change enablement and business transformation within the mining and minerals sector, she is excited to have a great reason to get out of the office and back training, especially with such an inspiring bunch of women.

Will you help her make a difference?"


Messages from donors

  • Helen-Louise Colbourne Good on ya $100
  • Paul Begley Great work Elise! $100
  • Precision Light and Air $300
  • Elise Nancarrow $100
  • Anonymous Good on you for doing this! Pretty please sing 'The Pushbike Song' as you ride! The team will love it! $100
  • Brendan Howard $100
  • Rowan Chapman $100
  • Michelle Bourke For Elise Nancarrow $100
  • Rachel Durdin Ride like the wind....but safely! $150
  • Jillian Scherf Elise Nancarrow $20
  • Renners Electrical and Air Conditioning $500
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