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Chigusa Sawamura

Chigusa is an orthopaedic oncologist who has been trained in the US and Japan. Currently, she is working at Wesley Hospital, Princess Alexandra Hospital and Mater Hospital in Brisbane. Her particular interest is bone and soft tissue sarcoma and published several articles regarding sarcoma treatment of children. As she has been deeply involved in pediatric patient care of bone and soft tissue tumors that can be fatal at times, she developed a keen interest in a hospice which specializes in children.

Chigusa knows that it is crucial to provide care not only to patients but also to parents and other family members, especially when patients are children because well-being of family significantly contributes to them positively in the end of life. She is also aware that all diseases are not curable even with state-of-the-art technologies and some patients require palliative care specifically customized for them. Chigusa believes that hospice is one of many options to provide desirable environment to spend incredibly precious time for both patients and their family.

Chigusa is a new bike rider who started biking since she arrived in Brisbane. She was impressed with a number of cyclists, bike friendly environment and beautiful bike paths of the city. She enjoys commuting to hospitals every morning by her bike and loves to explore Brisbane suburbs on the weekend.

Chigusa thought it interesting coincidence to encounter this charity ride for Hummingbird House as it is highly related to her work and interest. She is deeply honored and excited to be able to help the facility through biking.


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