The ultimate corporate
bike challenge

My passion for cycling all started with social riding with friends, sprint triathlons, commuting to work and then realising that riding was most often the quickest way to get around Melbourne, all whilst getting fit!

I'm always up for a challenge and wanted to be involved in supporting a great charity, so combine the two and this event is the perfect combination. I completed my first half marathon earlier this year and all I could think of whilst training was "get me back on the bike!" So here I am now ready for a new challenge... and riding up Mt Buller will be a huge challenge.

I am a Health Information Manager and have been working at Epworth HealthCare for over ten years. My job enables me to review work processes with a variety of staff aiming to maximise efficiencies and improve patient care.


Messages from donors

  • Steven McConchie Hope the hills were kind $50
  • Bree Knoester Thanks Johnny (and Debbie you are awesome!) $220
  • Jenny Kjar A big thank you to Johnny for the massage and Debbie you were awesome to ride with & laugh with! $210
  • David Burke We are so proud of you Deb. $400
  • Daniel Strickland Unreal deb you freak. Pedal your big heart out!!! $50
  • Allison friar $20
  • Emma Reade $40
  • Karinne Daley Go Deb! This just blows me away, amazing effort :-) $30
  • Renee Nutbean Well done you rode like a rock star today...and never stop telling all about the journey $100
  • Nicole Noonan $50
  • Matt Boyle Good Luck Debbie!Matt,Jo and Albie Boyle x $30
  • simone scott Smash it Deb! Hugh Jackman is cheering you on haha $25
  • Bec Munn Good luck Deb! You will smash it! $30
  • Katie Linton Enjoy the ride Deb! $50
  • Anonymous $40
  • Anonymous $35
  • Laura Glew Awesome work! good luck x $25
  • Josephine Hill Have a great ride Deb 💕 $50
  • Johnny Wurtz $171
  • Paul Robson Go Debbie!!!! $50
  • Sharon Hart You know l already consider you an elite athlete so l know you can do this amazing ride. Such a beautiful thing to do for these kids. $50
  • Keith Leonard Good luck Debs!! $100
  • Anthony Hallal Brilliant work Debbie! $20
  • Penny Winbanks $50
  • Ron Sultana Go Debbie! $50
  • Epworth HIS Department $30
  • Pamela Williams $50
  • Danielle Retemeyer Couldn't think of a better cause to donate my eBay profits to!! All the best for the ride - I'm sure all your hard work and preparation will pay off xxx $50
  • Andrew Zafirakos Go Deb!! $100
  • Epworth HIS department $129
  • Jennifer Todio Well done Deb! Keep up the good work $40
  • Kelvin Payne Go Debs! From Kel and Ada $100
  • Michelle Skene Go Turkey! $20
  • Cindy Gregory Exceptional effort so far! $200
  • Juliette Messent Luck? We don't need it! $75
  • Nicole Chalmers $20
  • Tahir Malik $10
  • Wendy Lau Deb! The stars have finally aligned and you're in town to do this!! You go girl!!! Have a fabulous time! $50
  • Mark Molloy Ride like the wind DB $50
  • Kristi Ingrilli Welcome to the Chain Reaction family, Debbie! Let's gooooo! $75
  • Jenn Todio $5
  • Helen Delimitros Good on you Deb! You do us proud and we love your cooking! $50
  • Aarti Sajnani $10
  • Alicia Chang $20
  • Faisal Haroon $50
  • Andrew Fodor Ride like the wind!! $50
  • Matthew Burgess Great cause - good luck for the ride. $25
  • leanne spiteri $50
  • Pauline Cortese Go Debbie. You're an inspiration! $40
  • Nick and Jacquie Schneider $50
  • Mick Jackson Goodluck Deb! $50
  • Shell & Ricky Runnez Great work burkey #1111 $101
  • Matt Brown Great work Deb! $20
  • Lilli Smith Good Luck :) :) you will smash it! $50
  • Ebeni Martin Good on you Deb. Very inspirational. Good luck xx $25
  • Ashleigh Dunscombe Go Debbie!! :) $40
  • mark kitson Great stuff Debstar! $25
  • Rebecca Brogan Go Burkey! Welcome to come over for a post race spa and champers! $25
  • Jess Littlejohn Go Deb!!! $50
  • Kubra Alver $50
  • Danelle Greenwood So proud of you Deb, a constant inspiration and always a smile xo $50
  • Kate Senini Very excited to be sharing the journey with you my bike twin...we will have the meanest cleanest bikes on the road :) $75
  • David Burke Debbie will be the rider smiling the most. $300
  • frank green I hope it doesn't rain..will the poncho come in your team colours? $200
  • natalie payne great work debs!! $100
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