The ultimate corporate
bike challenge

Carmen is an Associate Nurse Unit Manager in the Operating Theatres at the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne. Carmen is also a Life Coach and Mindfulness facilitator with Engage Health. This is her first Chain Reaction event.

Carmen’s love for road cycling began when she completed the Around the Bay in a Day last year. After a short spell off the road due to an ACL reconstruction, she used the bike as part of her rehab and is now back on the road fully recovered.

Having spent her career helping others, she is excited to be given the opportunity to be involved with Chain Reaction in support of Southern Cross Kids and Radio Lollipops to help give children in need a brighter future.


Messages from donors

  • Casper David Wrede Great effort Carmen, so happy to have seen you during the ride $50
  • Royal Women's Hospital from your team in the Operating Suite $415
  • Debbie Burke Thank-you SO much and well done on leading the pack ALL day yesterday, you are amazing! I've loved riding with you! $50
  • Liz Tottie Wow Carmen well done on your achievement and all your hard work for a great charity congratulations to you and all the team loads of love The Totties xxx $40
  • Fiona Nguyen You are such an inspiration Carmen! Have fun and safe ride ! xx $30
  • Leo Barry $100
  • Wendy Scott Well done Carmen! Such a great thing to do for a good cause. $50
  • Liz Meakin You're amazing Bazzie!! $25
  • Laura Prendergast Amazing job Carm!!! $50
  • Catherine Pola Great work Carm! Love your cuz $50
  • Anonymous Awesome work Carmen xo $50
  • Ammar Elia Our LORD bless you. $150
  • Rachael Lucas Smash it & enjoy the ride Xx $50
  • Lisa Solomon Good Luck, You are amazing $20
  • Sandie Saundry $50
  • Daniel Gee Good luck! $40
  • Chrissy Smith You've trained so hard for this. Very inspiring my sister $150
  • Tania Yorgey You are a constant source of inspiration! Ride like the wind :-) XXX $50
  • Nick Jansen Go Carmen. Ride safe N xo $100
  • Sophie Demediuk Amazing effort - go Carms! $50
  • Penny Hodge have a great ride. $20
  • John Drill Have a great ride $50
  • Judith Barry Enjoy your ride $100
  • Ryan Flinn Go Carmarama! $50
  • Paul Gleeson Tuta Helathcare "Towards a Safer Way" Go Carmen. $300
  • Laura Burnham Go carms!! You're a deadset deni legend! Xo $50
  • Alice Maloney Go Carm! $200
  • Juliette Messent Go Carmen! Awesome to have you as part of the crew :) $50
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