The ultimate corporate
bike challenge

Briony joined CBRE in April 2015 and is a senior manager in the Transaction Management team, primarily focussing on assisting industrial tenants on their property requirements.

Briony found her love for cycling through tiring of the daily commute and wanting to find a healthy alternative to get to work. Cycling came to the fore when she borrowed a friends bike for a few weeks to “see if she liked it”. Liked was an understatement and the next week she came home with a beautiful hybrid- basket and all! After several years of casually pedalling to work rain, hail or shine, Briony was encouraged to enter the 210km Around the Bay in a Day bike ride in 2014 and graduated to a road bike to take on the challenge. Learning quickly the cleats are a gift and a curse, there is definitely a fashion code and that she could move pretty quickly on her new bike, Briony took on Around the Bay, coming in 16th place in the women’s category.

This is Briony’s first Chain Reaction and she is looking forward to the physical challenge, meeting more women who love the sport and of course, supporting those who don’t have the same opportunities as us, but still love the wind in their hair- Freedom Wheels and Southern Cross Kids Camps- both fantastic charities helping kids get active, stay involved and embrace their individuality.


Messages from donors

  • Stephen Adgemis Go Briony!! $50
  • Daniel Tonkin Good luck. hope it goes well. $50
  • Rory Hilton Good luck B $25
  • Bob Blair $50
  • Neva Courts brownies for briony! $75
  • Amanda Traficante Go BOH! $20
  • Paige Zulian Good luck Briony!! You can eat chocolate again soon!! $20
  • Jaclyn Bigler $20
  • Guy Farrands Good luck Briony $25
  • Darren Searle ignore the devil on your right shoulder..... $25
  • Jennifer Barrett Good luck Bri! $50
  • Christopher Noble Best of Luck B, Keep peddling!! $50
  • Matt Dunning Good Luck Briony!!!!! 330kms is to far to drive little own ride. $50
  • Matt Pedrazzini Good luck! Rather you than me :0) $50
  • Chris O'Brien $50
  • Georgina Lack Way to go Bri - You're a machine! $30
  • Bec Fitzgerald Best of Luck Briony! $25
  • Lynda Cheng Good luck Briony! $100
  • Chris Iacopino Great work. Good Luck. $200
  • nick macleod $50
  • Jonathan Fuelling Good on you Briony, an inspiration to us all... $50
  • Vincent O'Halloran $500
  • Andrew Peak Go Briony - Tremendous Effort $100
  • Keith Begley Good on ya Briony. Remember, “Life is like riding a bicycle. In order to keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Albert Einstein $50
  • Zoe Miller Amazing work Briony! Good luck! X $30
  • James Fabijancic Awesome Briony, do us proud $100
  • Tori Oglesby Get in girl! $30
  • Warren Smith $100
  • Rikki Garner Go Briony, great effort!! $20
  • Mark Jones Good Luck Briony!! $100
  • Ray Pittman Go Briony...leading the Green Machine!! $150
  • Ryan Korda Well done Briony and team ! $75
  • Tania Brown Good Luck Briony! $30
  • Harry Kalaitzis Good luck Boh $50
  • Tom Backay Good luck Briony, i'm sure you'll smash it! $25
  • Anonymous $10
  • Bruce Zerbst Love ya work, good luck! $30
  • Andrew Hanna $50
  • Amanda Attard $10
  • Jack Oxlade Onwards and upwards BOH $20
  • Susan Jackson Well done Briony! $100
  • Neva Courts You'll smash it up Buller Briony! $50
  • Monique Maas Good Luck Briony!! xx $20
  • Matt Haddon Go Briony! $100
  • Alastair Miller $20
  • Roger Leopold Should be a breeze coming down $100
  • Kathryn O'Halloran You're amazing! $100
  • Mark Granter Go Briony! $50
  • North Quest Pty Ltd Good luck with the ride Briony !! $200
  • Margaret Lavars $50
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