The ultimate corporate
bike challenge

Phil Hanna

Phil is the C.O.O. of Villawood Properties, a land development company that operates across Victoria, Qld and NSW. He has been with the company for ten years and has been part of an exciting journey as the company has grown to become well known and respected developer of award winning new communities.

Of major importance to Phil (and the whole Villawood team) are the connections with existing communities through sponsorship of small local community groups. The most sizeable annual donation though, is the land upon which Henley Homes builds the Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal home each year...it's genuinely one of the highlights on the calendar for both businesses and demonstrates the positive power of strong partnerships.

Phil has ridden with a group of good mates for about 12 years and has been to France and USA with a number of them over that time. It is his first Chain Reaction experience and he is looking forward to the challenge or riding and raising much needed funds for the various charities very much.