The ultimate corporate
bike challenge

Luke McKew

Luke started his career in radio 12 years ago, playing a key role in the launch of the successful Nova Network around Australia. At only 26, Luke was promoted to become Chief Technology Engineer of the Brisbane market looking after Nova, digital offerings Smooth FM, Koffee and more recently the multi-million dollar national Coles Radio service. Luke’s keen eye for detail and broadcast skillset have taken him around the globe delivering major broadcast projects viewed by millions worldwide.
Luke’s interest in cycling was accelerated last year. From someone who had never been on a road bike before, to riding 1000km in the Chain Reaction QLD Sydney – Brisbane Challenge. Since being invited into the Chain Reaction fold by good mates Steven Morris and Nicholas Barr he has not looked back.

As someone who has felt the effects of losing a sibling at an early age. Luke is motivated by the opportunity to give back, raise awareness of children's charities and make his family and friends proud.

Tackling the Chain Reaction ride again in 2018 is about challenging himself both physically and emotionally.