The ultimate corporate
bike challenge

Damien Atkinson

Damien lives in West End with his wife, Marilyn, and their children Leila and Arby. He is a barrister practising in commercial and medico-legal work, and has also worked in a voluntary capacity for many years as the chairman of the Youth Advocacy Centre, Petrie Terrace, Brisbane. In 2006, Damien and Marilyn lost their youngest child, Miriam, then 11 months old, after a prolonged struggle for a heart transplant. Ronald McDonald House was especially good to the family, providing a place to stay near the Royal Melbourne when they were caring for Miriam. They have many friends with families affected by autism and who have benefitted from the work of AEIOU, so they are deeply devoted to both of the 2018 charity partners. Plus it’s a heap of fun to ride with this mob…