The ultimate corporate
bike challenge

Wes Ballantine

Wes leads Transurban’s Queensland business. Having moved to Brisbane almost three years ago, Wes and his family have loved everything the river city has had to offer.

A novice rider leading into last year’s ride in Adelaide, Wes has enjoyed a more “realistic” training schedule this year. He finds the Chain Reaction process inspiring with great people, fitness and wonderful destinations - all for a worthwhile cause.

“As a father of four healthy kids, it means so much to me to make a small contribution to so many kids and families facing challenges in their lives. Your support is greatly appreciated so this year’s ride can make a meaningful difference at AEIOU and Ronald McDonald House.”


Messages from donors

  • Aurecon Fantastic effort for a great cause. Well done. $500
  • BARB MADDEN Well done on your amazing achievement! Sorry this is late. $100
  • David Grant Go hard Wes! $100
  • Dushan Silva Great cause, enjoy the ride Wes $50
  • Susannah Crozier Better late than never! Go Wes! $50
  • Julian Peck Enjoy those hills Wes $200
  • Elizabeth McCormack Go Wessie Go!!!! Xoxoxox $100
  • Tim Johnson Good luck Wes! All the best! $100
  • Grant Earney Good luck mate. Massive effort. $100
  • Michele Huey Enjoy the lycra Wes! $200
  • Adam Kelly Fire up mate and enjoy a cold one when you get there!! $50
  • Susannah Wilkinson Happy riding Wes! $50
  • Luke Whistler Safe riding Wes. Such a great adventure and wonderful charity. May the Dorrigo range be kind to you. Luke $100
  • Peter Monahan Good luck. Hope the weather is good to you $50
  • Ann Styles Good on ya, Wes. Great cause to break out the Lycra $50
  • Miguel Frances $100
  • Graeme Garrett All the best for a safe and fun ride. $100
  • Greg Norris $50
  • Ian Sinclair Hope the lycra still fits this year $100
  • Sue Johnson Have a great ride Wes $200
  • Kelly Robinson Good luck! Ride safely. $80
  • Forty Winks Dandenong Hope you go faster than our horses $300
  • Jonathan Epstein Good luck Wes. Enjoy the scenery. $180
  • russell dawson $50
  • Evie Bruce Great cause Wes. Have a great ride $100
  • Rebecca Shearon Good luck! $50
  • Peter & Nat Glanville Great cause and inspiring to see you doing this ride again. Good luck! $200
  • Jean-Marc Genesi And next is the Tour de France $100
  • Kellie Hebrard $50
  • Michael Burnett $100
  • Mark Hourigan Best of luck. Ride safe. $100
  • Les Dunn $50
  • Denise Neylon Good luck Wes $200
  • Adam Hesketh Best of luck mate. Great thing to do, for a great cause. $100
  • Chris Poynter Go well Wes $200
  • Robert Fleming Good luck. $100
  • Adam Watson Crazy stuff $200
  • C F Good Luck Buddy $300
  • Daniel Walters All the best for the road trip $100
  • Chris Mitchell Good luck mate. $100
  • Sarah Barnett Go Wes!! Such a great charity to ride for. Enjoy the experience and stay safe! $50
  • Claire Rogers Good luck Wes! $100
  • Andrew Head $500
  • Henry Byrne Best of luck Wes - fantastic cause. $200
  • Scott Charlton Best of Luck from Rose and Scott $200
  • Tony Adams Awesome Wes, great cause, stay upright ! $200
  • John Massey Congratulations for all your effort in raising for these two worthy causes. $500
  • Peter Garske It's a Dundeel. Go you good thing!! $100
  • bob edgar do you need an extra donation to buy an extra large tube of 'rear end' cream $500
  • Victoria Taylor I'll be rooting for you! $250
  • Denise Kelly Great work Wes. Hope the hills are gentle, the wind is at your back and beer is cold. DMK $100
  • Deborah Hutchison Enjoy those hills! $50
  • Elana Rubin Congratulations, hope you exceed your PB on the ride and fundraising $100
  • FRMC Go Wes Go! $200
  • Peter Butler Wes, Good luck! $100
  • Roads Australia Good luck, Wes! $250
  • Christine OReilly Best wishes Wes. A very worthy cause $500
  • Julie Galligan Good luck, Wes. Ride well. $100
  • Matt & Dee Spring $500
  • Jackson Ross Go well Wes $200
  • Johnny Short Good luck, Wes. $50
  • Peter Caldwell What a great cause Wes. Hope you are in great shape to do this $500
  • Anthony Palmer $50
  • Michael Lawes Great work Wes! $50
  • Paul Thomson $100
  • sal bal good luck! knock it out of the ball park!! $250
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