The ultimate corporate
bike challenge

Tim Keenan

Tim is a Director of KM Sales & Marketing, which is a specialist residential property sales and marketing group and he has been involved in the real estate industry for over 17 years. Tim has a vast network of contacts in the industry, locally, nationally and internationally. He has extensive experience in residential real estate sales, transaction management and real estate advisory.

After eight years of ducking and weaving the cycling movement, Brad Bennett has done it again and recruited another newbie to the cycling fraternity. Tim is coming to terms with lycra, hills, early morning rides and sore legs! however is really keen to make a difference to assist kids in need, meet likeminded people and to be physically challenged.


Messages from donors

  • Jim Guppy Great work Tim $100
  • Marini Gils Well done Tim!! $100
  • Tara Campbell Fantastic!! $75
  • Ben Carruthers Great work TK. $100
  • nick kutcher great stuff krackers $100
  • Daniel Kogler Great Job Crackers $150
  • Gill and Iain Ross Keep pedalling! $100
  • David Fox Safe travels Krackers $200
  • Chris Poynter Good luck old boy $200
  • Brigitte Doupe Never thought I would see the day, you in lycra! Best of luck TK, enjoy the hills! $100
  • Jaime O'Connor Best of luck mate. $200
  • Little Projects Best of luck Tim. From the team at Little Projects $1,000
  • Rory Luff Good luck toughguy $200
  • Lachlan Opray Good on you Krackers and good luck up those hills! $200
  • VCON PTY LTD $250
  • Steven Wong Never thought I'd see it.....Krackers in lycra! Great work Krackerjack! Top effort mate to get involved and punch out the kms. Enjoy! $100
  • Chris Mitchell Good luck mate! $100
  • Will Morrison Great effort Krackers! $100
  • David Thiessen enjoy the ride Tim $200
  • Anonymous Happy Birthday, Tim. All the best for a safe enjoyable ride in good weather. May the wind always be at your back! $60
  • Nathan Waterson Good luck mate - great effort from the Watersons $100
  • Wilmoth Field Warne $100
  • Euan Luff Keep you eye on the road and your mind on the job - good luck from Euan $150
  • Poppy Keenan Keep punching uncle Tim $4
  • Hamish Keenan $4
  • Lucy Keenan Good Luck Uncle Tim $4
  • Andrew & Julia Keenan Good luck LTK $100
  • Will Austin Well Done & Good Luck Mate. $200
  • Anonymous Good luck mate. $300
  • Justin McCarthy Good Luck Krackers, pleased its you and not me...... $250
  • Mark and Ali Barry Tim, Welcome to the neighbourhood, good luck, great cause $100
  • BRYAN & DAWN HUMPHRIS Great effort Tim - just like the Bombers showed against the Hawks last Saturday night! $50
  • TEAM NASH Nash Dig Deep and go for it !! $100
  • Jay O'Neill Good luck legend. Great cause, my brother in law is hyped on it. $100
  • Bryson Keenans Double it if you do it in six $100
  • Richard & Carmel Pezet Good luck Tim, We think what you are embarking on is absolutley brilliant. Enjoy! $200
  • MYPM Great cause Tim. Well done! $500
  • Scott & Isabella Patterson Give it your best Krackers - West Side $100
  • David Mawer Awesome effort Tim. $100
  • Drew Steptoe $50
  • Nick & Caroline Sladen Good luck Krackers! $100
  • Whitcombe Holdings Pty Ltd Go hard Crackers. Get JP on the bike with you next year! $100
  • Kevin Ramsey Good luck mate, go hard! $100
  • Bill Kloppers Good Luck Tim, enjoy the ride! $200
  • Ray White New Projects Go hard champion! $1,000
  • Pringle Financial Services Good luck on this journey my friend ! $100
  • Trent Stefanovski The Peddling Poodle, Goodluck! $1,000
  • Toby Balazs Well done Krackers, good luck mate! $100
  • Ashley Bramich great effort, enjoy $250
  • Charlie Keenan go out there, have fun, help kids and work hard love Charlie :) $4
  • Lovelight Good luck legend. $1,500
  • David Colquhoun $100
  • sara langford Good luck Lycra Man xx $100
  • Hatched Media Saddle up Crackers- great effort from your good self- go hard! $500
  • David Smith & Co. Good Luck. $350
  • Morna Lynch Tim - all the best - good luck!! Morna $250
  • Alison & Ben Ross Go Crackers! $100
  • Aesthetics Group There is an extra $500 on top of my donation if you wear a Dees footy jumper for a few kms, sing the club song, declare your undying love for Jack Viney. And post it all online. $500
  • Shaun & Vanessa Keenan It's a big challenge. Go for it......... $250
  • Lucy and Tim O'Connor Well done Krackie, go hard! $100
  • Matt Reid $100
  • Asian Pacific Building Corporation $2,000
  • Media Plus $500
  • Anthony Bray Great cause - ride hard $500
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