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Steve Morris

Having completed the CR 16 hilly Adelaide course in my debut year, I am keen to return again to the CR fold for the 2017 Qld ride from Sydney to Brisbane. The camaraderie amongst the group is quite amazing and has to be experienced to be believed. I am not the strongest of riders but the strength of the group carries each person through. It is an epic journey where you wrestle with your inner demons and conquer each day with the knowledge that every dollar raised will find a much needed home. I am very proud, honoured and humbled to be able to raise a massive amount of money for sick children and their families in their time of need. I could not be happier to help out the chosen charities of Ronald Mcdonalds House and AEIOU. Both great charities doing very important work. I will ride above my best.
Steve Morris


Messages from donors

  • Dugald Marr Well done mate. El & Dugs $25
  • Jack, Freddie & Camilla Morris Love you Dad ❤️ $10
  • McDonalds Nowra $500
  • Jono Perry Love your work Moz $50
  • Steven Morris JJ chain ring4k, buying team mclimitless chain ring back 4K and buying 7secs in TT final 2k $10,000
  • Anna Doilibi You're a legend two years in a row 👊🏻👊🏻 $150
  • Angela Hyland Great charity Steve! All the best for the ride. I know many people who would be lost without Ronald McDonald Houses and all they provide. $100
  • Steven Morris Byrom vs Bona $250
  • Anonymous $50
  • vertullo real estate $100
  • sam Frith Well Done Steve - best of luck with the ride $50
  • Anonymous Go steve $12,500
  • Goplay Commercial Playgrounds Best of luck with your very worthy challenge. $1,000
  • Scott Healy Good luck - Lycra is the new you. $50
  • Chris Pickford Great effort Steve! $50
  • Chantelle Worth $15
  • James Love Best of luck $275
  • Angus McMaster $150
  • Gerry + Emmy Leyden $50
  • Emma Darbyshire $50
  • RBE Impressive work Le Moz, still sounds easier than 100 KickSits with Coach RickyFit $250
  • Emma Weston Great cause - good work Steven!! $100
  • Anonymous #huntingmiles great effort mate $250
  • Anthony & Kaye Flynn Well done buddy. Thats a biiigggg ride! Flynny and Kaye $2,250
  • Bernadette Eaglestone Go Steve! Great cause - and worth the pain! I'm happy to provide back up support and refreshments along the way. $500
  • Mark Conacher Nice going Steve $200
  • Gibson Grazing Good on you Steve! Such a great effort for a great cause x $250
  • Coyne Eterprises Pty. Ltd. Good Luck Steve! $1,000
  • Adam Dando Go hard $1,000
  • Mark Roberts $250
  • Paul Rissman Good luck Steve! $500
  • Michael Atkins Way to go Steve, stay upright. Look forward to seeing you in the yellow jersey!! $500
  • Jason Berther Its gunna hurt but It beats changing Nappies $500
  • Lawrie and Delphine Paatsch We have seen how hard you train,and are so proud of you. $300
  • Jamadu (QLD Pty Ltd) Well Done, Ride Safe. $500
  • Sasha Morris GO Dad! . We are so proud of you and all you do for sick kids. We love your tree trunk legs and know they will bring you home safe. Love Sasha, Jackie Boy, Fredalicious &Camilla Grace. $1,000
  • Jonathan Pitt top effort mate, good luck! $250
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