The ultimate corporate
bike challenge

Stephen Buhmann

I'm 53 and a keen cyclist. I decided to get involved with the Chain Reaction ride as a challenge to myself. Not a physical challenge (although that is obviously involved) but a challenge in committing to make a difference in other peoples lives. I am fit and healthy and to be honest never really have to struggle much in life. Other people are not as fortunate. For me this is about them - and anything and everything that i can do to help them.


Messages from donors

  • Anonymous Up Front Donation - QLD Ride 2017 (As discussed w Tim Chadd) $2,500
  • Imagine Group Investments $200
  • John Brannock Congratulations $200
  • Fraser Bentley Steve, well done on a brilliant effort to help those that are in desperate need! $50
  • Bruce Morrison Hope you are still going Steve. Home straight now! $50
  • David Anderson Good luck Steve! Hope the ride is going well! $20
  • Brendan Colley Excellent cause Steve, hope your legs are holding up well. $20
  • Don Battams Don - good luck! $100
  • April Carrett Good luck Steve! "No, your legs aren't that tired! Yes, you can breathe! Keep going!" Travel safe! $20
  • Ed Johnson Best of luck Steve, a great effort and a great cause $50
  • Sophie Lam Smash it Steve! $50
  • Andrew McKnight Good luck mate! $50
  • Sam Burns $20
  • Lauren Mudd $10
  • Cameron Stanley Best of luck Steve - A fantastic personal effort for two great charities. $100
  • Peter Gill Steve, best of luck mate. A fantastic effort for a terrific cause. PG $100
  • Ray Walter good luck Bot, hope others can keep up $100
  • Patrick Fitzgibbons Good Luck Bot , Cheers Fitz $100
  • Amanda Buhmann All the best Steve! Will be thinking of you! $50
  • Chloe Forsyth Nice work Steve, best of luck! $50
  • Margo OConnor Good luck $250
  • Jocelyn McDowall I hope you're ready to tackle some mighty hills! $20
  • Honeyeater Pty Ltd Good luck on the ride. $500
  • Fraser Douglas Don't forget the "Savlon"! $100
  • Janet Firkin Rather you than me. $200
  • Anonymous Have fun Steve - great cause $300
  • Alan Larsen Good on you Steve $200
  • Anonymous $400
  • Mark Shannon As Rango said.. LET'S RIDE.. $50
  • Geoff Canfell Have a great ride Bot $100
  • Glenys Higgs Ride hard! $100
  • Chris Tanner $100
  • Brad Moses Have a great experience & stay safe... $50
  • Paul Laxon Go Bot - stay safe!! $200
  • Peter Hyland Well done Steve and best wishes for a safe ride for a great cause. $100
  • Hiroshi Uchida Go Steve! $50
  • Peter Griffin Thanks for your efforts here Seve $200
  • Tina King Good luck Steve! $25
  • Iain Knight Well done and enjoy! $50
  • David Mennie $200
  • Grant Williams Dig Deep Stevie B! $20
  • Steve Pink Great effort Steve - good luck with it. $200
  • Steve Williams Good luck with the ride Steve - the Chain Reaction initiative is something absolutely fantastic and I am really pleased that you continue to support the AEIOU Foundation. What you are doing is going to help Autistic kids and their families in a truly amazing way $500
  • Tim Thorn Go Stevo! $50
  • Jarred Winik Give it horns mate $30
  • Paul Hardyman Its easy to forget how hard some people are doing it when we arent exposed to it. Good on you mate. $100
  • Simone Roberts Good luck Steve! Great cause, looking forward to hearing/seeing the updates from the journey. $20
  • Stephen o'brien Steve and team -ride safely for the kids! $100
  • Tim Dawkins Enjoy. $50
  • Kristina Newell Goodluck Steve! $20
  • Tiffany Prigg Go Steve! $10
  • Matthew Brown Well done mate $50
  • Erin Finnegan $20
  • Michael Cattoni $50
  • Ashley Lane Great stuff Steve! All the best for what will be a fantastic experience. $50
  • Clare Brown Love your work Stephen $50
  • Steve Buhmann Go Steve $500
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