The ultimate corporate
bike challenge

Mason Cowle

Mason is a Director at Ellivo Architects. Ellivo is a design studio that focuses on creating and delivering ‘what maters’ to clients and the building’s occupants. His influential architectural style has positioned the firm where it is today. Mason plays a key role in Brisbane’s architectural community, supporting the urbanisation and densification of large mixed use, retail and residential sites by keeping the end user firmly in mind.

Mason is a keen cyclist having participated in community rides including the MS Ride and Peaks Challenge on the Gold Coast. His goal is to raise positive awareness around cycling and fundraise for worthy charities that assist families in times of need.


Messages from donors

  • Kerri Bunter $50
  • Dan Volpato Goodluck! $200
  • MB Cycles Marcel Bengston $200
  • Sanchi Development Pty Ltd Good Luck Mason, safe ride! $300
  • Sean Gill $25
  • Anonymous $2,860
  • Kerry Quigg Enjoy the ride & stay safe. $250
  • Luxxbox Good Luck Mason, a great effort and cause! $500
  • Ben Hitchings $50
  • Dean Miller Good Luck Mason!!! $50
  • CBRE RP Congratulations Mason, enjoy the ride. $500
  • PKCG Pty Ltd All the best from the team at PKCG $150
  • Sam Vecchio great cause Mason, well done to the entire team. $250
  • John Mahoney $50
  • Redchip Lawyers Gavin, Rob and all of Redchip wish you all the best for the ride! $250
  • SAVVE Developments $500
  • Kelsey Cowle Good luck, go Dad. $10
  • Focus Fitout Specialists Best of luck to both of you from all at Focus Fitouts $1,000
  • Bruce Robb $50
  • Urbis From Ben Slack, Ashley Lane and the team at Urbis $200
  • Greg Campbell $100
  • SIMPSON RAYNER SURVEYS well done mate, congratulations for the effort and good luck for the week $250
  • Louise Wilson $25
  • Aspect Property Group Mas, 1,000 klm in 7 days, just as well you'll have Jen along to rub your bum, well done mate $1,000
  • Bob Cowle $50
  • Form Landscape Architects Best of Luck Jen & Mason $500
  • Ian Chewe $100
  • DKM Group Good luck and happy to donate to these worthy causes - from all the team at the DKM Group $100
  • JFP Urban Consultants Good cause, hope you enjoy the ride $250
  • Keith Lambert Go Mason! $50
  • Cardno $100
  • Simon Wheelans Have fun at your lunch, sorry we can't make it. $200
  • Michael Pescatore Great cause, good on you mate. $100
  • Shawn Godwin $250
  • window image Go hard and enjoy Mason and Jen $90
  • Mike Yates Well done to you and jen for the comitment - hope you enjoy the ride $50
  • wattsnext All the best Mason - we are in awe of your dedication! $100
  • Jen Cowle So thrilled to be riding and fundraising with you Mas. Hope I can keep up. $250
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