The ultimate corporate
bike challenge

Kirsten Pike

Teamwork makes the dreams work.

Kirsten is part of the committee for this inaugural women’s 300 ride in Queensland and is excited about what this magnificent group of 50 women can do and the impact it will have on the charity partners, Hummingbird House and Youth Advocacy Centre. Hopefully, it will make their “dreams work”.

This is Kirsten’s fifth Chain Reaction challenge and with each event she becomes even more inspired by her fellow riders, overwhelmed by the sheer generosity of those around her and motivated by the difference that each ride has made not only for the children suffering/impacted but the very support network that surrounds them.

Kirsten is truly appreciative of your support and hopes that it will continue for this adventure.

Kirsten is a Partner in the Real Estate and Construction Team at DibbsBarker.


Messages from donors

  • Anonymous $1,334
  • Anonymous $2,000
  • Karina O'Gorman Great work Kirsten and such a great cause! $40
  • Deb Aitcheson Kirsten - amazing!!! #womenscycling $20
  • Tony Wilson Great job again KP!! Hope you're having an awesome week..... $100
  • Robert Hutson Kirsten, well done for backing up for another ride. Great to see. $500
  • Catherine White You'll be well on your way! Hope the hills are being kind, just remember, in the words of our mate Jens, "pain is weakness leaving the body"! In awe of you as always x $100
  • Andrew Powell $250
  • Anthony De Domenico Good luck Pika $100
  • Adam Pike Good luck sis have a safe ride $50
  • Anonymous $1,340
  • Richard Hughes $100
  • Lindy McAuliffe Peddle hard Pikey, you will do an amazing job. Have an amazing time and I hope it stays nice and sunny for you! $50
  • Kylie Ellis Smash it KP! Much respect $40
  • Anonymous $40
  • Scott Guthrie You go KP! $100
  • Stephen Purcell Great cause Kirsten. Go hard (as usual), and have fun. $250
  • Cameron McKenzie $150
  • David Sharpe $100
  • richard Kelleway Go Girl - show those boys what you are made of $200
  • Margaret and Garry Kerr Your commitment to using your talents and contribute to such worthy organisations is commendable. Enjoy the ride. $200
  • Michael Wright All the best Pikey. Chase down some MAMILs on the ride. $40
  • Brad Hodder Great causes you are supporting on your ride - have fun. $100
  • Matt Clark Well done again KP, always happy to tip in fo this one. Ride safe $100
  • Ross Moschella Good work KP. Enjoy the ride. $250
  • Brad Bulow $50
  • Melissa Bulow Proud of you KP! $100
  • Jon Douglas That's a bloody tough looking KP - donation well earnt! $100
  • Anonymous All the best KP $50
  • Kathy & Gary Pike As always very proud of your achievements for worthy causes. $350
  • Noah, Landon, Blake Frampton We are so proud of you and love you! $200
  • Bronwyn O'Keefe Love you xxx $50
  • Kym Warner I'm loving learning from you! Thanks for your support to help me get to the Women's 300! $50
  • Anonymous Chapeau, KP! $1,000
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