The ultimate corporate
bike challenge

John Cooper

John Cooper is the Partner-in-Charge of the Brisbane Office of Jones Day. He is a lawyer with over 28 years experience in advising clients on major projects in the construction and infrastructure, energy and resources, property development, manufacturing and defence sectors.
John has been off his bike for almost two years and was recruited by his wife (and greatest supporter) to ride again. Starting training on 1 January 2017 unfit and two years older than when he last rode, he has a long road ahead if he is to be ready. This is not his first ride in support of sick children and he is inspired to ride in the Chain Reaction Challenge Queensland 2017 by no particular child or family but by his desire to do something for those little people that cannot help themselves. John needs your help to help them.


Messages from donors

  • Abby Henderson $50
  • Andrew Heinrich $50
  • Martin (Phantom) Hoelzl Well done Coops! $100
  • James Chin Well done, John. $30
  • Graeme Smith Well done Old Mate $100
  • Nicholas Cooper $50
  • Graham Matthew $100
  • Vanessa Knight Well done John $20
  • Mark Wilson Good luck John $50
  • Brett St Pierre Amazing effort and experience to match John. All the best $100
  • Lixian Liang Good luck John! What a wonderful cause - and one that is close to our hearts. Sending you our best wishes, Lixian, Alan and baby Owen $100
  • Fiona Balfour Higher, further, faster John. $200
  • Mark Luton Go you good thing Coops, what a great cause $200
  • Carolyn Fogarty You can do it! $50
  • John Richardson Coops, Good luck brother. Great work mate and enjopy the ride. $500
  • Sapna Siva John - a great initiative and mentally pushing you along all the way. The Sivas... $100
  • Mark Worrall Great job Coops $250
  • Jim Parker $250
  • Al Knox $100
  • Vicki TAIT Great cause and I hope you enjoy the journey! $100
  • James Nicholls Go hard! $300
  • Anonymous Best of luck John! $100
  • Adam Thatcher Bore it up 'em Coops $200
  • James Ebert $50
  • Richard Hart $400
  • Ken Hickman $50
  • Pip Goldman Good luck Coops! $100
  • Karla Mahmut $50
  • Evan Sylwestrzak $25
  • Katie Higgins $50
  • Suzie Haylock Good luck John! $50
  • Ross Browning Thoughts and prayers of support and courage $100
  • Fritha Wheeler-Ozanne Great cause - good luck! $100
  • roger dobson go Coops! $100
  • Andrew Berriman $150
  • Karen Coull You can do it - well done! $50
  • Annie Leeks $100
  • Greg & Karen Begaud Good luck mate. Great cause! Go hard, or go home! $100
  • Geoff Wells $100
  • Darren Murphy Go Coops. Keep left. $100
  • Patrick Holland Fuel up on Dr Jurds Jungle Juice at Wollombi Enjoy the ride $100
  • Susan Browne Great effort John :) $100
  • James Harris Good luck mate. Don't fall off and break a hip though at your age!! $700
  • Intechsys Great work John, keep the black side down. $1,000
  • Tracey Kendall $100
  • R.M. Nasser Ride well Coops in a great cause. $500
  • Ren Niemann Ride hard - good luck! $250
  • Jade Olsson All the best! $100
  • Andrew Smith I expect action video, and that you will wear the yellow jersey. $500
  • Simon Bellas $100
  • Anthony Nicholls $100
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