The ultimate corporate
bike challenge

Warrick is a Partner in EY’s Financial Services Office. He is one of the leaders of the Actuarial Services team and in particular he is responsible for the team consulting to the General Insurance and Health Insurance industries. Warrick is currently EY’s Global Health Insurance Leader and in that role he is deeply involved in the development of EY’s point of view around wellbeing programs and improving the health of communities to reduce the cost of health care and improve the lives of individuals.

Warrick started riding about 5 years ago as a direct result of EY’s sponsorship of Cadel Evans. Having a client accept to join the ride gave Warrick the opportunity to also participate. He borrowed a road bike and after 30 minutes practice in cleats and changing gears joined a peloton of around 100 riders riding 40 kms to Palm Beach. After that experience Warrick has become passionate about cycling and fitness. He has even managed to convince his family to have two biking holidays -cycling 360 kms down the Danude River Cycle path from Linz to Vienna and last year spending 4 days on the Central Otago Rail Trail in New Zealand.

This will be Warrick’s third Chain Reaction ride, having participated in the Tasmanian ride in 2013 and the North Queensland ride in 2015. Warrick is looking forward to the challenge of cycling around the north island of New Zealand. It is also a tremendous opportunity to help a number of worthwhile charities that are focussed on improving health outcomes through better research and improving the lives of those that have been less fortunate than most through the impact of health issues.


Messages from donors

  • Maurice Felizzi $100
  • Jonathan Zhao $100
  • John Robinson Great effort Warrick. Your enthusiasm and inclusion are infectious, even if I still have yet to take a ride with u! $200
  • Steven Raynor Good luck Warrick $50
  • Declan Moore Warrick, hope it's going well $75
  • Catherine Dube Great cause. Enjoy the ride! $50
  • Bevan Damm Looks like it will be great riding weather - no risk of over heating ;) Enjoy the scenery and make it look effortless. $250
  • Chris Colahan $200
  • Patricia Cladera Have an awesome ride in NZ. $50
  • Steven Girvan Ride well Warrick, and enjoy the scenery $100
  • Shivam Sharma $50
  • Matt Hodson Hopefully you can remove the training wheels after this one, Warrick. Stay safe. $50
  • Benoit Laganiere All the best Warrick $100
  • Melissa Ryan Best of luck Warrick $20
  • Gary Hwa Ride like the wind! $1,000
  • tim clark $100
  • Natasha Anning Good luck Warrick, ride safely! $50
  • Anonymous $500
  • Mark Valena $50
  • Kate Moore-Wilton Good luck $25
  • Anonymous Good luck Warrick, all the way... $20
  • Renato Mazza Good effort and great cause Warrick $100
  • Jamie Stewart Good luck Warrick! $25
  • Simon Garing Warrick great effort and fantastic cause. Ride safe! $200
  • James Stokoe That sounds like a fantastic event; good luck and enjoy it. $30
  • John Hare Good luck, Warrick! $20
  • Vivian Tse Good luck! hope the training is going well. $50
  • Wilsons Solicitors If the heart rate dips below 180, go home. :-) $50
  • Grant Peters Great cause Woc ! $100
  • Graeme McKenzie All the best $50
  • Danielle Donovan Good luck Warrick $50
  • Ishwar Madhyastha Happy Riding :) $50
  • John Ho $1,000
  • Alison Green $100
  • Wayne Perry Congratulations for taking part and enjoy! $100
  • Steve Ferguson $200
  • Trent van Veen Your legs are pistons $100
  • Insureware Pty Ltd Hi Warrick, Good luck with your adventures. Cheers Ben Zehnwirth $1,000
  • Grant Peters For the uphills, try hooking an occy strap to Daryn's bike frame $50
  • David Addis Go well Warrick $100
  • Roger Brown Warrick, enjoy the ride $50
  • Anonymous $100
  • Steven Lee good cause Warrick $300
  • Brad Cole You need to update your pofile pick. You are now a shadow of your former self. No cramping this year! $100
  • Duncan Boyle Ride well $100
  • Cassandra Blond good luck! $20
  • Tony Johnson Good luck- great cause $250
  • Sven Byl Good luck! $100
  • Paula McLuskie Awesome effort - well done you -enjoy :) $100
  • Gavin Sultana Good luck! $100
  • Doug Nixon Best of luck with the ride $100
  • Rob Desoisa Enjoy and work hard. It is for a good cause $100
  • Anthony Robinson Best of luck Warrick - better you than me :-) $100
  • Daniel Marlay Good luck with the ride, Warrick! Maybe we'll find out if a hilly course is faster? $50
  • Rob Colwell $200
  • rick fracaro Judging by your weekend fitness I'm sure you'll break a record or two $100
  • Linda McQueen Have fun and travel safe! $25
  • Maurice Felizzi $150
  • Joan Cleary Good luck Warrick!! $100
  • Melissa Yan All the best, safe ride and enjoy $50
  • Jack Dooley Good luck Warrick, a huge effort for a great cause $50
  • Shirley Weng All the best for the ride! $50
  • Brendan Jones $50
  • Jonathan Hughes $50
  • Jon Lesquereux “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime. Teach a man to cycle and he will realize fishing is stupid and boring” – Desmond Tutu $200
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