The ultimate corporate
bike challenge

Daryn is a partner in EY’s International Tax Services practice is based in Sydney.

This will be Daryn’s fourth Chain Reaction Ride. Daryn is looking forward to both the challenge of the ride and, more importantly, the challenge of raising funds for such a worthy cause.

Daryn is keen to see old friends on the ride and is supported by his wife and three children, Jeremy (7 years), Sarah (5 years) and Emily (approaching her second birthday).


Messages from donors

  • Andrew Nelson $100
  • Tony Massaro Well Done Troppo! $50
  • mark robertson $250
  • Ian Scott Good luck! Hope you have Warrick covered, else I will be asking for a refund! $500
  • Jessica Fletcher $50
  • Richard Goodwin $100
  • Sonia Coleman Go Daryn! Hope your ride is going well! $100
  • Marianne O'Meara $100
  • Stephen Chubb Enjoy the ride Daryn! $200
  • Lance Armstrong Sometimes you are the hammer and sometimes you are the nail. Don't be the nail. $2,400
  • Gabrielle Carlsson $100
  • Armando Sgroi Ride Well Daryn $100
  • Julian Hine Great effort...and I think my twice a week 45min WattBike class is hard :-) $100
  • Amir Aghdaei Have a good ride $50
  • Fifty three eleven Pty limited You win our bet, now let's go to dinner.enjoy ride. Robbo $50
  • David Jackson All the very best, ride well. $100
  • jesper solgaard $250
  • James Allington Hope the weather in NZ is better than in NSW for ur ride $100
  • Rob Desoisa Keep Warrick on his toes $100
  • Ric Day Good luck and safe riding Daryn $100
  • Jeffrey Reinhardt Ride well and safely. $108
  • Brad Melman Put some extra padding on the seat! $100
  • Leonid Shaflender Good luck! $200
  • Lachlan Cobon $50
  • Tony Cooper Good luck mate - enjoy re-hydrating at the end of the journey - and it is all about the journey not the destination! $100
  • Lachlan Maguire Good luck Daryn $50
  • Ermelinda Kovacs Great cause & best wishes $50
  • Grant Peters I know you're in a team with Warrick, but Tax before Advisory please $50
  • Glenn Williams $100
  • Michael Anderson All the best for ride! $100
  • Kathleen Loi Good luck Daryn! $50
  • Brendan Dardis $100
  • Denise Parker Good Luck! $50
  • Mathew Chamberlain Noice! $100
  • Jessy Keating Good luck $50
  • David Burns $100
  • Simon Tonkin $100
  • Rowan Macdonald $100
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