The ultimate corporate
bike challenge

Rob Desoisa is an Actuary and partner of Ernst & Young and has worked in the financial services industry in Australia and UK for over 30 years. Rob provides consulting advice to many of the banks, insurers and fund managers in Australia.

Rob has cycled for most of his life and has become active in a number of charity cycle rides. This is Rob’s second Chain Reaction ride and the knowledge of what the challenge involves has not reduced the level of trepidation as a Chain Reaction event is not to be taken lightly.

However Rob is looking forward to the opportunity to raise, with your assistance, funds for Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute to fight congenital heart disease in Australia.


Messages from donors

  • Matthew Larkin Good luck Rob, hope its going well. Matt $25
  • Louise Burns Inspirational each year Rob! Enjoy! $100
  • Anonymous $100
  • Mark Seymour all the best Rob... Enjoy the heat $25
  • Brett McLeod Good luck Rob.. May you have tailwinds and downhills all ride.. $50
  • Weihao Choo Go Rob! $50
  • guy thomas Looks like a great ride! $130
  • Dave Millar Enjoy the challenge! No doubt you will revel in it! $50
  • Mike McKeon Best wishes Rob, looking forward to hearing all about it $120
  • Joshua Corrigan Best of luck Rob - ride like the wind! $100
  • Anonymous Good luck! $20
  • David Courtness Have fun and good luck Rob $50
  • Justin Chan Louise made me do it... $50
  • Andrew Mead Ride safely!!! $100
  • Roberto Fitzgerald $50
  • Chris Carr Go hard Rob - enjoy $50
  • Edmond U Have lots of fun, Rob! $150
  • Graeme McKenzie Got to be better than Awaba $100
  • elizabeth baker all the best Rob the training will pay off $100
  • Bolin Li Good luck Rob! $100
  • John O'Sullivan Well done Rob - great cause. $50
  • Eliana Leopold Great cause Rob and no mean feat. All the best for the ride and I look forward to hearing how it goes! Eliana $50
  • Nat Binns Good luck Rob! $50
  • Jaimie Sach Good luck $100
  • Deepak David All the best Rob! $50
  • Adrian Kerins Best of luck rob. Have fun. $100
  • David Hole $200
  • Roger Brown Enjoy the ride Rob! $25
  • Andrea McGhee Great cause! all the best Rob :) $25
  • Frederick Rowley Well done, Rob! $100
  • Geoff Rogers Best of luck Rob $100
  • Ioana Gudas $10
  • Vivian Tse Good luck on reaching your goal! $150
  • Michael Rayment Great cause, well done and enjoy the ride $50
  • Stuart Mainland $70
  • Grant Peters Great cause and enjoy the ride old fella ! $100
  • Eva Ma Enjoy your ride Rob $100
  • Bevan Damm Enjoy the dream holiday Rob. $200
  • Anne-Maree Moody I hope the weather is kind to you $70
  • Brett Pickett Remember to tape the Giro. Enjoy the country side and challenge. $40
  • Bob Gearing Good Luck Rob! $50
  • Lucy Jing Go Rob! $100
  • David Pik Good luck Rob - great cause. $100
  • Brendan Counsell $100
  • Ian Grubb Ride like the wind $50
  • David Shuvalov Good Luck! $50
  • Catherine Watson Have a great ride. $50
  • Anthony Saliba Congrats on the effort, keep up the good work! $50
  • Gautham Suresh Good luck Rob! $50
  • Eric Zhang $50
  • Rowan Macdonald $100
  • Margie Lemmon Good luck Rob, 1000 kms is a big ride! $100
  • Elias Bader Good Luck $50
  • Anonymous $70
  • Michael Browne The right man for the job...... go Rob $200
  • Roy O'Donnell Good Luck Rob $100
  • Paul Jammy Very impressive, Rob - ride well! $50
  • Scott Mackenzie Great cause - good luck! $100
  • Nia Reen All the best for the long ride $50
  • Dale Jackson You need some help to catch-up to Warrick $100
  • rich yee Good Luck Rob - great effort- from Rich yee $60
  • David Jewell $50
  • Shweta Krishna Good luck Rob! $50
  • Stuart Mainland Remember the bell Rob. You won't get far without the bell! $20
  • Maickel Sweekhorst Enjoy the ride! $50
  • Tom McCutcheon Try not to fall off $20
  • Iain Bulcraig Keep pedalling.... $20
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