The ultimate corporate
bike challenge

Paul Wilson

Paul is the General Manager for Group Finance at DEXUS Property Group, one of Australia’s leading real estate groups. DEXUS invests directly in high quality office and industrial assets and actively manages office, industrial and retail assets on behalf of third party capital partners, with over $21 billion of assets under management.

Originally from the UK, Paul moved to Sydney with his wife and two young children six years ago. Paul is participating in the Chain Reaction event for the second time and is looking forward to the opportunity to raise funds for the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute whilst engaging in the commitment and physical challenge required to complete the ride. The event has particular importance for Paul as the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute conducts research into the prevention of heart disease, a disease that has previously impacted his family in the UK.


Messages from donors

  • Craig Du Rieu Good luck Paul $100
  • Danny Saunders You made it past day 4 so I thought I should get my wallet out $100
  • Manuel Makas $50
  • Tanya Van der wall Good luck Paul! We'll be thinking of you all the way! Tan, Cam, Seb and Sophie xx $50
  • Ben Day-Roche Good luck and try to stay on the bike this year $50
  • ANTHONY ROUS Great work Paul. Ride safely............Wanne $30
  • Nicole Wilcox $100
  • Jason Hurren Ride well $50
  • Anonymous $150
  • James Croft Good luck, lots of love James, Taposhi, Jack and Megan xxxx $100
  • James Rogers All the best Paul! $50
  • Sydney City Harbour Cruises Good luck Paul ride safe and enjoy. $150
  • Anthony Royle Well done on all the hard work you've put in for a great cause! $100
  • Melissa Logan All the very best Paul! :) $50
  • Matty Macarthur Go Paul!!! $20
  • Treena Nelson Good luck, Paul $20
  • Jon Hire Stay on the bike!!!! Best wishes from the Hire clan $200
  • Thi Vu Hi Paul, enjoy the ride :D $20
  • James Mitchell Eyes on the road, Paul $51
  • Gunell Medis Best of luck with the ride Paul. Pretty brave to be having another crack at it! Hope it goes well! = ) $75
  • Mike Christensen Good luck Paul $50
  • Rebekah Davies Good luck Paul! $50
  • Danai Chingwena Good luck $50
  • Brett Cameron Best of luck Paul. Stay safe $100
  • Aisling Delaney Good luck! $50
  • Shobana Rubasingham Good Luck Paul!! $50
  • Jose Leandro Odilao $50
  • Ricardo Visitacion All the best! $50
  • Jemma Maddick Good luck Paul - I hope the ride goes well. $50
  • Gavin Sultana Good luck! $100
  • Melanie Bourke $50
  • Anne MacSporran Best of luck Paul. $50
  • CW Advisory Services Lots of luck Paul and take care love the Bolly Wilsons xxxx $200
  • Alison Harrop Be safe and enjoy! $100
  • Katrina Zdrilic Happy riding! $200
  • Brett Jeney Good luck! $50
  • Matthew Charles All the best Paul! $20
  • David Yates Enjoy the ride Paul $50
  • Rachel Caralis good luck! $50
  • Chris Wilson Best of luck, take care. Dad $150
  • Dean Krzemien $50
  • Max Gordin $50
  • Sophia Rao $50
  • Rowena Causley $50
  • Julia Huang Good luck Paul! =) $100
  • Jeff Reynolds Great Cause, good luck Paul! $20
  • James Gallagher Good luck Paul. $30
  • Tim Frew Good luck Paul. $100
  • John Conde $250
  • Spinnaker Corporate Finance Limited Good luck $250
  • Ewan Barron $150
  • Peter St George Good riding! $250
  • Maureen Bristow Good luck Paul, very proud of you. Mum and Steve $200
  • Jason Petrovski Don't fall off this time!! $100
  • Liz Stesel $50
  • Simon Kelly $200
  • stuart marshall Don't fall off this time Paul ! $100
  • Elise Franklin $50
  • Zoltan Pekar All the best Paul! We are right behind you! $100
  • Olivia Brown Good luck Paul - what a fantastic thing to do $200
  • Susan Hilliard Good luck Paul - great cause. $150
  • Ben Tompsett $50
  • Paul Wilson $250
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