The ultimate corporate
bike challenge

Michael Sheffield

Michael is a Fund Manager of external funds at DEXUS Property Group.

Michael has participated in four challenging Chain Reaction rides raising much needed funding for our charity partner, Victor Chang Research Institute and associated beneficiaries.

Michael is a dedicated cyclist with a passion for adventure and the great work done by Chain Reaction. He is a father of four young children, one of which spent much of his early months in hospital. He is also fortunate to have a very understanding wife along with supportive friends and colleagues.


Messages from donors

  • Jemma Maddick I hope the ride went well! $50
  • Deb McKilligan Stop and visit if you get the chance $100
  • Belinda Hufton $50
  • Christine Hogg In the immortal words of Christopher Cross, "Ride like the Wind"! $50
  • Stewart Hutcheon Good luck Sheff I hope you win the under 30s category! $100
  • David Denton $500
  • Paul Roberts I like the way you have approached this - in it for a great cause but still out to win! $100
  • Mary Phung GOOD LUCK!! $50
  • Lucy Burnitt Good luck $50
  • Tom Ivanovski Peddle hard $25
  • Lewis Der Sarkissian Good luck. Go hard $50
  • Jesse Curtis Great cause, go hard Sheff! $50
  • John Uzelac good luck $50
  • ellie schwab Fast legs!! $100
  • Kevin George Good luck and for a great cause. $100
  • Christopher Hynes Good luck - a great cause! $200
  • News Corp Australia Great cause Michael - ride safely $5,000
  • Andy Collins Go Sheff. $100
  • Adam Stent $50
  • Brett Cameron Best of luck Sheff. Stay safe $100
  • Melanie Bourke $50
  • Rebecca Smith Train hard and good luck! $50
  • David Yates Go Sheff -you will kill it $100
  • Max Gordin $50
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