The ultimate corporate
bike challenge

Mike 'Lakey' Lake is currently working as a Project Manager for Build Rite Projects across the South East suburbs of Melbourne. They specialise in medium to large home builds and renovations. He has also just finished a Diploma in Building, Construction & Workplace Health & Safety.

Mike started riding in his early teens as a mountain biker, competing for many years in both cross country and downhill events. In recent times he has enjoyed cycling trips throughout Europe and finds cycling a great way to maintain his fitness.

'Lakey' is looking forward to riding in his second Chain Reaction event after having time last year in Cairns. Mike states that "It'll be great to ride with the NSW team and I look forward to showing them how the Victorians do it".


Messages from donors

  • Greg Mac $150
  • Ben West Go lakey $50
  • John Ward Lakey, you're a legend. It's been great having you on the ride and well ridden. $100
  • Randall Pope All the best Lakey $50
  • Andy & Sam Beaumontus We would pay pretty much anything to see you in Lycra. So HOT right now!! $150
  • Alisa Huggett $50
  • Moore Family Love your work big fella.....shut up legs......cheers, Adam $50
  • Peter Inwood $100
  • Rob Hinton Wish I was there so I could fine you for all your indiscretions !! $500
  • Dan Bailey Good Luck Lakey! $100
  • Mark Ryan Lakey, having you on our ride will be worth every penny! $1,000
  • Malcolm Olle Happy Trails,Michael $50
  • Barry Reade Love you. $100
  • Bill and Belinda Venn Go Lakey!! $50
  • Melissa Venn I hope you have a great ride babe. I'm so proud of you for doing it! $100
  • make property group $250
  • Aaron Lee Lakey - have a great ride mate and best of luck. I'll be thinking of you and channeling some good vibes. Sorry I am not there to give you a little tow as you have done for me over the years... Cheers Az $500
  • James Hines $100
  • Kyp Bosci Good luck $100
  • Andrew McCann well done mate- ride strong! $100
  • Daryl Browning Safe riding Michael $100
  • Mandy and Tim Lake Good on you Mike, hope you have a great ride, I will think of you when I'm doing my next little 50 km! love the cause as well. xxxMandy. $50
  • Josh Slattery Awesome effort Lakey, you are a legend $1,000
  • Kathleen Byrne Go Lake'sta! $25
  • UA creative Yuka $50
  • Rob Bletch Go get em Lakey!!! $50
  • Glenn Ford Ride hard big boy!! $50
  • Louise Carey You rock. $50
  • Janine Trent Coops and Ollie bump Marchment Top effort Lakey ? xx $25
  • Bronny Lake Proud of you brother. Xo $100
  • Kristi Ingrilli Welcome back!! Enjoy the ride :-) $50
  • Alan & Pam Lake We are proud of you for taking on the challenge xx $200
  • Alex King The legend rises.... $1,000
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