The ultimate corporate
bike challenge

After completing tours of Tasmania in 2014 and North Queensland in 2016 this will be Jon’s third Chain Reaction ride. After a misspent youth when the primary use of a bicycle was fleeing from the scene, Jon has returned to two wheels and regularly drags himself out of bed to join the great bunch of Chain Reaction riders - usually heading north to Bobbin Head, Akuna or the Gorges. Jon does not enjoy coach Phil Tanner’s training regime but he does belligerently accept that it probably works.
Chain Reaction’s contribution to the Victor Chang Research Institute has been and continues to be significant and it is this knowledge - that the efforts of all the CR riders will change lives - that helps to drive Jon. He is supported by and ever grateful to his long suffering wife, Val and son, Jake.
Jon is Head of Office Asset Management at AMP Capital and is based in Sydney. He is blessed with work colleagues and friends that he expects will be keen to support his fund raising efforts


Messages from donors

  • Nick McGrath Good luck mate $100
  • Richard Dehn Lead from the front #ripin $100
  • Ken Neufeld $100
  • Kim Gregory Have a great ride Jon. $50
  • John Paek Great cause! Best of luck on the day Jon! $100
  • Clive Dale Enjoy the wide open spaces $50
  • Adam Tindall Good luck with the ride Jon $100
  • Anonymous Great cause. Good luck mate $30
  • Alastair Boyd Good luck Jon $20
  • Jann Hughes Jon, go for it this weekend. for every up high there is a glorious downhill $400
  • The Jones 4 All the best for your "MAMIL" challenge (Middle Aged Man In Lycra)!!! $100
  • Lisa Hurley Good luck Jon! $50
  • Georgiana Love Good luck Jon! $50
  • Dhani Matthews I am no expert but wearing a yellow shirt seems to help. Good luck Jon! $50
  • Tim Abbott Good luck!! $20
  • James Hamilton Good luck Jon - a great cause. $100
  • Will Doherty Jon, an excellent cause. All the best to the whole team for the ride. $500
  • Damon Mumford Great effort Jon - good luck! $50
  • Kieren Mottershead Great effort Jon. Make sure you take a tube of Bepanthen Cream , it will help with the saddle sores. $50
  • Chris Pratt All the best with the challenge Jon! $100
  • Liz Lesquereux Can't understand it myself, but if you must...... $100
  • Anonymous $100
  • Jake Lesquereux Go Dad! $27
  • Adam Stent Jon. Watch out for those other blokes who don't really have real jobs - so can train during the day! Adam $100
  • John Hickey No photos with Lycra please Great cause $500
  • John Lesquereux Mum would have ridden with you but felt she might have found the pace too pedestrian. $100
  • Miles Brown Vous devez colportent plus dur et à arrêter de se plaindre $40
  • Durk Diggler You aint got my lunchbox Jonny...... $100
  • Jenine Cranston great effort Jon. Go swift and safe! $100
  • Andrew Tracey Good work Jon $150
  • Vivienne Predebon $50
  • andrew quade well done Jon.. and good luck! $50
  • Cadigal Office Leasing Best wishes for the hill climbs Jon! $1,000
  • James Osborne Good luck Jon. No photos of you in lycra, please!! $50
  • Andrea Roberts All the best Jon. $50
  • Tim O'Connor Great stuff Jon $50
  • Primewest Managment Ltd Well done Jon! Cheers The Primewest Team $500
  • Greg Edelmuth Great cause - Good luck Jon $50
  • Phil and Caroline Tushingham/Longley Sounds like a walk in the park compared to you conquering Ventoux and Alpe d`Huez..... $100
  • Cameron Williams Good luck Jon $100
  • Peter Moore $82
  • Pete Curtis Jon - can't believe you've still got that Raleigh Chopper! You were always the best getaway rider - this should be a walk in the park $100
  • Tim Cash Great cause, best wishes. $50
  • Max Cameron Good luck for an excellent cause. $100
  • Joyce Engledew Best of luck with it Jon. Fantastic cause! $50
  • Aaron Weir Great effort Jon. Go hard! $100
  • Louise Monger Go well! $50
  • Jon Chomley Well done Jon. Enjoy FNQ $50
  • Tessa Morrison Good luck! $40
  • Darren Gorrel Best of luck Jon! $50
  • Dominic Ambriano Sounds like an awesome challenge. Good luck! $50
  • Andrew Reed $20
  • Amy Bickers $30
  • PFL SPACES PTY LTD Great job! $1,500
  • Equiem - MELBOURNE, VIC Best of luck with the ride, Jon! We are proud of you and it's a great cause! Regards, EQUIEM $1,500
  • Campbell Scholtens Enjoy the leisure ride!! $250
  • Warrick Gard All the best Jon. Ride hard and enjoy. Great to see you supporting such a worthwhile cause. $200
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