The ultimate corporate
bike challenge


  • EventNSW Ride 2016
  • LocationNew South Wales
  • When14 - 20 May 2016
  • Team Chifley HIGHRIDERS,

Chifley is a premium commercial tower, which houses a number of high profile corporate companies in the heart of Sydney’s CBD.

In 2015, Chifley partnered with Chain Reaction to sponsor a rider to participate in the NSW ride and support their fund raising efforts. This year, the Chifley HIGHRIDERS are back to compete for two places on the Chain Reaction Challenge.

In order to select the two riders, the Chifley HIGHRIDERS will compete for the most KMs over a three week period, Monday 14 March – Sunday 3 April. First place will go to the rider with the most KMs. Second place will go to the rider, randomly selected from the company team with the highest average KMs.

The winners will be announced on Wednesday 6th April.
For more information please visit chifley.com.au

Llewellyn Hartley, BOQ Specialist Bank Limited
Max Du, China Telecom
Catherine Percy, IPOH
Domenic Belmonte, JLL
Paul Hewson, KordaMentha
Peter Kafetzi, SMBC
Chris Kurwie, Venture Group

Alex Jones
Allen Bradley
Carl Piesse
Ed Gill
Philip Lobsey
Tim Morris
Adam Shapley

Cameron McKenzie
Damian Cramp
David Simpson
Doug Gordon
Sean Holland

Daniel Blake
Derek Waterman
India Faehndrich
Jamie Cryan
Matt Dunger
Renee Simon
Brendan Fitzpatrick
Jacqueline Tan

Team UBS
David Costa
Duncan Earl
Elliott Katz
Kelly Davey
Klaudia Locker
Nathan Hale
Roman Gerber
David Kinsman


Messages from donors

  • Ben Tyas Well done Kelly and the UBS team! $50
  • Ed Gill $100
  • Domenic Belmonte Profile photo $100
  • Amy Willis Go Cat!! $20
  • Phillip Yan $40
  • Peter Kafetzi Message (optional) $50
  • Kelly Davey Donation from big David Bellette for Kel and the UBS team - cheers David! $100
  • Ron Cramp Go Damian go. $50
  • Richard Jones $50
  • Ronnie Davey Go, Kel and team UBS! Great charity. $100
  • Sophie Curtis-Ham Go Kel and the UBS team!! Soph n Sim $50
  • Anonymous Good Luck Team Investec $100
  • Anonymous Good luck Damo $50
  • Tom Skotadis Fire up Bello!! $50
  • Kelly Davey Go UBS! Elliot and Roman are smashing it! $100
  • Andrew Stutchbury Crank those gears Team UBS $100
  • Andrew Wheelan $150
  • Chifley Concierge Safe riding to all the HIGHRIDERS $1,087
  • Michael Abou-Seif $200
  • Roman Gerber Go Team UBS $100
  • Anonymous $20
  • Enfold Projects Go Domenic! $300
  • Brigid Jordan Go Llew & the Highriders! $50
  • Sriram Ramakrishnan $20
  • Kevin McGurk Go Lew!! $50
  • Anonymous $100
  • Scott Austin $20
  • Anonymous $100
  • Mark Bradley $100
  • Melinda Joslin Go Team UBS $100
  • Anonymous $99
  • Jamie Cryan Go Derek. You can do it! $100
  • CLIVE RINGLER Go Derek go. I would like to see you win. $50
  • Taryn Spooner $50
  • Ellen Kek $188
  • Andrew Trounson Keep it up Cat! Awesome. $50
  • Adrian Leist Go Roman Go! $200
  • Mary-Kate Pracny-Strass Good Luck Cat!! $50
  • Elliott Katz Keep riding HighRiders ;-) $100
  • Derek Waterman Go Derek. You can do it! $100
  • David Costa $100
  • Duncan Earl $50
  • Pedram Raminpour Good luck Cat $50
  • duncan earl $50
  • Martin Dimond Go Roman (if there is anything left of you) $50
  • Catherine Percy For the love of bikes and to support the kids. $100
  • Stolle Sergis Go Roman $50
  • Mike Cameron Go Dom!! $50
  • Rod Powell $30
  • Richard Sephton Great effort, good luck. $40
  • Brendan Fitzpatrick Team Morgan Stanley $100
  • Daniel Attia $50
  • Andrew Woolgar Good luck Ed Gill from the Woolgar's in Perth $100
  • Vivienne Lee $50
  • Chifley Good luck to all the Chifley HIGHRIDERS supporting a great cause! $2,000
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