The ultimate corporate
bike challenge

Rod MacDonald

Rod MacDonald is Senior Product Manager at REA Group. Rod has a technology background and has worked across all areas of software development through a number of industries. At REA Group, Rod manages Mobile and Personalisation for commercial property, delivering world class mobile experiences to REA's global customers. At home, Rod is the father to two adorably cute daughters, Annabelle and Madeleine, that think every time Rod puts on his cycling kit he is going to 'work' (which thanks to the intensity David MacKenzie brings to the training sessions, cycling is starting to feel like it).

Rod started his cycling addiction mountain biking, and can remember laughing at 'those people' who would think that riding on a paved road was fun. Practicality set in when he was getting smoked at mountain bike events from cyclists who were just that much fitter from road training. So began what started out a necessity to a new love of road cycling, and you can now hear Rod in the Peloton conversing on topics like comparing SRAM to Shimano, does anything taste better than a free calorie, and how much is too much chamois cream (inside tip, thats a trick question, the answer is never enough).

After visiting the Very Special Kids hospice late in 2016, Rod was in awe of the amazing services offered and what a critical role they play in care. Rod is looking forward to raising not just money (but alot of it) but awareness of the incredible work the staff at Very Special Kids, Starlight and the Monash children's hospital do everyday. It is an absolute honor to be able to contribute.


Messages from donors

  • Jerome Langmaid $25
  • Anonymous $5,000
  • Peter Hutchison $50
  • Mel Salvatico $20
  • Leon Belobrov Smash it up champ $50
  • Sandy Babiolakis Good luck for the ride $50
  • Nick Mihalopoulos *On the provision that My Portfolio Prolie is ready for investa!!! HAAA $50
  • Summer-Grace and Scar-Jo Lambert Good luck, Rod! $100
  • Raghav Tandon Best of Luck mate - http://imgur.com/gallery/iR6CPCx $20
  • Robbie Tutt Good luck Rod! Hope the training pays off. $30
  • Davor Bisko Good luck Rod. Great ride for such a worthwhile cause. And don't skimp on that chamoix cream. $30
  • Schmendo Harland Almost a thousand bucks $20
  • Hayden McFadyen https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/c5/6a/da/c56adae8cf6e29daee3ef7741ea732bf.jpg $100
  • ConferWith Pty Ltd Best of luck for the ride! $20
  • Robert Holmes $30
  • Luke Jamieson You\'re a terrible stuntman! $75
  • Selina Emry Your doing something that's very important and life changing to all that's involved Rod . You have a big heart xx $20
  • Darien Nurhadi earn that dainty.. $50
  • Craig Adlington $50
  • Simon Diderrich Don't forget the chamois cream! $49
  • Marcia Macgugan Good luck Rod. Hope the ride goes well $50
  • John Salvatico $100
  • Christine Scott Good luck Rod $50
  • Maddie and Belle MacDonald We love you, go daddy go! $10
  • Cam Ross Don't fly too close to the sun $75
  • Matt McKeown $200
  • Isaac Smith Great cause and commitment Rod - you will do us (RCA) proud! $100
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