The ultimate corporate
bike challenge

Rob Hinton

Rob is embarking on his 10th consecutive Victorian Chain Reaction Ride. By “day”, a Partner of the National law firm Gadens, practising in the busy and stressful field of Banking and Finance litigation and Insolvency, Chain Reaction has transformed him into a part-time “Lyrca Warrior” for Kid’s charities.
He is passionate about the causes which Chain Reaction supports, and delights in seeing the demonstrable outcomes that result from the funds raised by the CR Foundation. Having ridden nearly 10,000 kilometres for charity after this his 10th ride, he deserves a generous donation doesn’t he?


Messages from donors

  • Julien Bain Congratulations Rob. A massive effort! $50
  • Kip Homewood Well done Rob, a great effort over 10 years $500
  • Gadens Well done Rob! A great achievement for your 10th ride! $244
  • Anonymous $2
  • Steven Troeth $500
  • Jeremy Smith $200
  • Rex Comb $200
  • Emily Hinton Love you Dadda, I couldn't be more proud of you and your endless dedication $20
  • Georgia Hinton So proud of you Robbie! Ride like Cadel $50
  • Matthew Taylor $50
  • Dye & Co. Pty Ltd Great cause Rob, all the best from the partners and staff at Dye & Co. Pty Ltd $500
  • prue milne stay safe well done $100
  • Michael BYROM Great job on 10 years Rob $100
  • Christine Honan Good luck Rob! $50
  • Natalie McCabe Congratulations Rob! Enjoy! $50
  • Jol Rogers Good luck Rob! $300
  • Patrick Hilditch Good luck Rob, make sure you look after the young fellas Hayne and Woodley $500
  • Berwick Motor Group Well done Rob. A great achievement with your 10th ride – a massive effort! Nick Strauss $2,500
  • graeme enright Congratulations on 10 years of great work. Best of luck for this one $100
  • Annette Gaber Keep safe on the roads! $50
  • Glenn Bushett Goodluck with the ride Rob! $20
  • Maree Bunce Good luck with the ride. $20
  • Susan Sumars Good luck Rob! $20
  • david coombes Go hard Rob $100
  • Mentina Pty Ltd $100
  • Anthony Dickinson Ride safely and ENJOY ! $500
  • Bruce Carter How could I refuse to donate to someone crazy enough to do it 10 time. $500
  • ProSport Health & Fitness All the best Rob, have an awesome ride. From the team from ProSport $100
  • Sophie McNamara Congratulations on your 10th year! $50
  • MALCOLM WATSON Ride safely and enjoy the (last)ride $200
  • justin bates great cause Rob, all the best with the Ride $100
  • David Ross $200
  • P.R.Dickinson Consulting Pty Ltd Go rubber legs you can do it $200
  • Richard Jones Goodluck Rob you know the drill no lycra photos !! $100
  • James Russell Suck the wheel & stay upright...just like I'll try to! $100
  • Louise Rhodes Goodluck Rob! Ride safely! $150
  • nicholas martin gotta love familiy support $100
  • Chris Canavan $200
  • John Wood My pleasure Robbo! I want some selfies from the trip. $500
  • Campbell Hudson Rob, 10 years! Such a brilliant effort. Best wishes for this (last?) one. Campbell $200
  • Kobra Shredders Good luck Rob $100
  • Tony Greenaway $100
  • Chris Ludescher $100
  • Andrew McCutchan An amazing 10 years of charity work Rob, putting your body on the line for such needy kids and their families. $100
  • Robin Gowan Great effort for a 50+ year old veteran ! Good luck. $500
  • Sue & Richard Castan Ride well Rob. Legend status achieved. $180
  • Janie and Geoff Bell Rob Have fun and give it your best shot! Janie and Geoff xx $100
  • Jeremy King Great work Rob. Good Luck1 $100
  • Fred Oldfield Well done-another courageous effort for charity $100
  • Mary Bell go Rob $300
  • Sutherland Farrelly Pty Ltd Good luck from all at Sutherland Farrelly $500
  • Forbes James Well done on the great work over 10 years $300
  • Jamie Gray Hope the ride goes well. $100
  • Tony Baum Time to retire! $250
  • Stuart Anderson Ride safe & well & have a shave. $100
  • Anonymous $100
  • Danny Moore Good luck with your 10th ride. $300
  • The Hinton Family (Ogglin Pty.Ltd.) Ride safe Husband, Dad,Brother,Uncle,Great-Uncle, etc etc $500
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