The ultimate corporate
bike challenge

Charles Gardiner

Charlie Gardiner is a senior associate at law firm, Arnold Bloch Leibler, practicing in the firms litigation department with particular focus on property and construction litigation.

Between 2002 and 2008, Charlie played 63 AFL games for the Geelong and St Kilda Football Clubs. Since then, Charlie has swapped the boots for the bike and developed a keen interest in cycling.

Chain Reaction 2017 will be Charlie's second Chain Reaction challenge. Having recently become a father for the second time (resulting in significantly less time spent on the bike), Charlie is keen to re-introduce himself to the bike by tackling the challenge of Chain Reaction and to make a significant contribution to raising vitally important funds for the various children's causes supported by Chain Reaction.


Messages from donors

  • Sue Kee Fantastic effort $250
  • Joey Borensztajn well done $360
  • Matt Torney Go Chuck. Great cause, Liss probably deserves a medal too! $50
  • Elyse Moore Great stuff Charlie! $50
  • Tyrone McCarthy Well done mate. Enjoy the final few kms. $100
  • Jenny Leongue Good Luck! What a feat! $50
  • Anonymous $1,000
  • Alex King Champion! $1,075
  • Albert Ounapuu Strong performance this week, you're doing ABL proud! $50
  • Robert Heathcote Good luck with the ride. $250
  • Anonymous $25
  • Al Armstrong Keep up the good work mate!! $25
  • Elisabeth Guy Go Chuck!! Love Ned, Lachie and Lizzie $100
  • Quantum Wellbeing BV Go Charlie and team! $50
  • Jayne McDonald Good luck! $50
  • Adam Littlechild Great work pal. $50
  • Chris Lock I'd have contributed a little more if you'd wax your legs for the ride. $250
  • Leon Zwier $200
  • James Gardiner Mighty performance Kid! $200
  • Anonymous Good luck Spidey $20
  • George Rolleston $100
  • Lara O'Rorke Good luck Charlie! $50
  • That Place Have fun 😬 Love Ashlea and Tom $100
  • Paul Sokolowski As a race commentator once said, get to, and stay in, a position ahead of the other riders where you can break wind up front. $200
  • James Richardson Go Spidey, love Motoman $50
  • Shaneen Argall Good luck Charlie! $100
  • stephen sharp $100
  • karen grayling Go charlie, the butt pain will be worth it. $50
  • Leonie Thompson Well done Charlie and good luck, Leonie & Tom $200
  • Raphael Leibler Good luck! $50
  • Stephen Neville Good stuff fella. $50
  • Michael Armstrong Smash it Gards. Massive effort $50
  • Lisa Hargreaves Good luck Charlie! $20
  • Alex Norton Love the cause mate. Good luck! Norto $20
  • Sue Harvey Good luck Charlie and team ABL, Bruce and Sue Harvey $100
  • Anonymous Good luck! $300
  • Mark Leibler Good luck $100
  • Meagan Grose Best of luck Charlie!! $75
  • Ahmed Terzic $20
  • Ray Finkelstein $200
  • Trish Greening Just remember that you're not really working unless you're leaving teeth marks in the head-stem. Good luck! $20
  • Ben Friis-O'Toole Good luck mate $50
  • Ben Mahoney Charlie, you may feel like the current tours are a lot softer than those riden by the hard-bitten original CR riders (and they are), but you are still doing a great job. Best of luck. $100
  • Claire Stubbe $150
  • Elyse Hilton Good luck Charlie! $100
  • Charlie Gardiner $300
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