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2017 Chain Reaction Challenge NSW – Day 7 Blog

3 April 2017 Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction NSW Ride Day 7 Blog

Done and dusted! Our Chain Reaction NSW 2017 New Zealand team completed their last ride today in perfect riding conditions with a lap of Lake Taupo – but more of that later.

A couple of weeks ago we were faced with prospect of a full week of pouring rain and even our very immediate forecasts left us concerned for what might be and yet, despite that, we rode through only two rain showers in the whole week. And on day 7 sunshine was finally delivered in spades and we experienced a day without a single wet road.

Our resounding impression of this ride has been the stunning and diverse scenery on offer around this great country. Every time we rounded a corner or crested a hill a new vista unfolded and every day delivered its own uniquely special experience, always engaging with the natural environment around us of rolling hills, forest, beaches, pastures, and lakes.

We were welcomed by the Kiwi’s who despite their strange accent turn out to be a particularly hospitable lot – we were warmly received by all, great service. On the road, a matter extremely close to our hearts, NZ drivers were courteous, respectful and provided plenty of support along the way.

Thank you New Zealand

Preceding every day’s riding has been the awarding of the coveted Jerseys. Today’s ride especially those who had given service to the ride over and above all others. The recipients were:

Black Jersey – sponsored by Mercedes – for excellence in fund raising, team training preparation, and committee membership – Alex Pascoe. Alex has had to sit the whole ride out with the flu which only adds to the commitment he demonstrated to the team as a whole.

Polka Dot Jersey – sponsored by Chifley – for his commitment in establishing the Chifley Highriders as one of the great motivational and inspirational supporters of CR – Victor Gaspar.

White Jersey – sponsored by EY – for her infectious ability to involve herself in every conversation, and for her embodiment of all of CR’s values and objectives (which she was able to articulate superbly on camera) – Ange Ritchie.

Green Jersey – sponsored by the Shopping Centre Council of Australia – for her unparalleled dedication in commitment to winning the Chifley Highrider Competition – Klaudia Locker.

Yellow Jersey – sponsored by Westfield – for his largely perfect but always entertaining weather forecasts and his success and commitment in fundraising – Warrick Gard.

Congratulations to all.

Photo: cr_nsw_2017_day_7_o-nev-13373

Today we rolled out in a northerly direction in chilly, cloudy conditions for an anti-clockwise lap of Lake Taupo. Initial views of the Lake were both awe inspiring and a little confronting when faced with circumnavigating it. None the less set off we did for our final day on the bike

Lake Taupo is already famous for one of the Southern hemisphere’s largest annual cycling challenges. The Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge has been held every year since 1977. With over 8000 riders from over 20 countries and featuring road, mountain bike, relay, endurance, and races for pro riders, the Challenge follows an undulating route that would set the course for our ride today. In their wisdom our course director decided that one of the most difficult races in the world was not quite hard enough so he added a couple of extra nasty hills with an early deviation through Acacia Bay. Thanks Tim.

Thankfully, a week of close riding experience ensured safe progress around terrain which varied from quiet country roads to main regional connectors. Testament indeed to the peloton and traffic management skills of the CR support team.

Our ride featured 110 km of undulating hills, about 35km of relative flats, and two beasts of hills – Hatepe and Kuratau – a daunting task on 25 pairs of legs that had been riding continuously for the last seven days.

In that time, we’ve each ridden 1012km, climbed 10,509 metres, expended around 25000 calories at an average speed of 26.5 km/f over around 6 hours a day moving time*

  • These figures have not been validated by CR Management but are also not open for dispute by members of the peloton particularly anybody with actuarial experience.